Разговор с пришельцами (47:07)

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    kto nadziral za navi rossian , kto nadziral za rossiei; i almost guess that timur bitov prigotovil novii film pro good and the evil in rushia; i called you to come to me, they leaded me to the sumrak aifara zloi planeti, i teper oni ; provernuli aferu v dogovorah, i snimaut novui noch k 2015 godu; why you were out of my place… and also i could be killed by the big death in the epizentre of the death…. while i was on the tree…oh…did you know that the rushia could the potencial greatest race in the world by the rushian language, try to watch the everything of mr freeman about the rushia psevdo space and the slavik language,in web that rude wahat in? oscvernenie totalnoe, please answer in the comments now, ive got to find you, it can be done in the hide in man in comments only give the humqan kind of the answer. please… if youy read that of course;


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